Charting a Course for Success

The continued pace of transformation in healthcare creates enormous pressure on technology companies to adapt and deliver clear value. Get-to-Market Health (GTMH) was formed to address this challenge. Whether a company needs to accelerate its top line growth following an investment round or is bringing new products to market, GTMH helps healthcare technology leaders’ market, sell and create sustainable, long-term relationships with their customers.

“Optimizing Healthcare Technology Sales”


About Get-to-Market Health

Get-to-Market Health is a specialized consultancy focused exclusively on accelerating sales and driving revenue growth for our healthcare technology clients. We work with business leaders to simplify the complexity and unique buying patterns of the healthcare technology market. We help our clients overcome the challenges they face as they work to drive revenue and market innovation.

We bring deep, broad experience and valuable network connections across multiple levels of the healthcare technology industry. The partners at Get-to-Market Health are industry experts, having worked at and with dozens of healthcare technology businesses ranging from small startups to large, established companies. We’ve helped private, seed stage, VC backed, PE owned, and public companies develop successful teams in all major commercial disciplines.

We have worked across the spectrum of health technologies/spaces including AI, EMR, NLP, RevCycle, Cloud, Clinical Improvement, Enterprise Imaging, Simulation, Point-of-Care Neuro Imaging, Blood Culture Contamination, Behavioral Health, Remote Patient Monitoring, and Consumer Engagement for Medication.


Targeted Solutions

Get-to-Market Health provides strategic vision and delivers proven tactics that propel growth in a highly specialized market. A core competency for GTMH is our profound understanding of the US healthcare ecosystem. Additionally, we have significant experience in 20+ international markets. Simply put, we are specialists on how health system and health plans operate, purchase, and deploy technical solutions.

We thrive on short to medium engagements focused on solving acute problems where we provide the insights, coaching, and recommendations that enable our clients to achieve positive results.

GTMH delivers customized assessments and actionable recommendations in these areas:

Commercial Health Check

• Seven-point, fixed price “checkup” on commercial initiatives
• Project duration of six weeks or less
• Includes a written assessment, scoring in each area, and key recommendations


Improved Selling Motion

• Sales talent assessment and development
• Refined sales strategy, tactics and incentive compensation
• Sales force integration initiatives

Marketing Excellence in Support of Sales

• LeadGen, opportunity creation and conversion
• Effective sales operations and Rhythm of the Business
• Prospect targeting and persona development

Product Market Strategy

• Pricing, positioning, and competitive assessment
• ROI messaging
• Partner sales channel development and strategies

Market Entry

• Plans, tactics, and early adopter approaches for new markets
• Focus group testing
• Product launch impact maximization


Working with Get-to-Market Health

Get-to-Market Health works with healthcare technology companies as well as investors seeking to grow their healthcare portfolio. Our client base is diverse and includes investment firms and technology providers offering solutions in areas such as AI/NLP, Revenue Cycle, Pharmacy Benefits, Medical Device, Clinical Communication & Collaboration, EMRs, Infrastructure & Platform Services, Digital Transformation, Enterprise Security, Vaccine Management, Clinical Performance Management and Nutrition Management.

Examples of our projects include:

  • AI and NLP positioning
  • Market entry plan and channel sales approach – US and ex-US
  • Sales organization redesign to facilitate growth
  • Best Prospect Profile development and top account targets
  • Go-to-Market activation
  • Partner channel strategy
  • Commercial metric development to drive/measure progress
  • Advisory services
  • Sales team integration resulting from acquisitions
  • Coaching and support for Chief Commercial Officers
  • Hiring profiles and compensation approach
  • Establishment of Buyer Personas to support
  • Account Based Marketing/Experience (ABM/ABX)

Clinical performance management company, CEO

“We hired GTMH because we trust their expertise in honing our call points and selling motion. Our AI-driven Mission Control Center offers game-changing improvements in efficiency and quality for health systems, so we brought in GTMH to help ensure our commercial launch was successful.”

Leading digital health and connected care solutions company, CEO

“In addition to strong organic growth, we have added to our product line through acquisitions. We engaged Get-to-Market Health to help us thoughtfully integrate our sales teams.”

Clinical Communications Supplier, CEO

“We have an exciting new product rolling out that is going to take us into the healthcare enterprise software arena. Get-to-Market Health’s insights have been invaluable as we position, price and rollout our new offering.”

Leading healthcare data transformation company, Chief Product & Technology Officer

“Our business has benefitted from rapid growth and our ability to utilize AI technologies to extract data from documents. We wanted to seize on the opportunity to diversify our revenue base and expand into an adjacent application market. We brought in Get-to-Market Health to leverage their deep expertise in selling solutions of all types into healthcare.”

All-in-one Medical Office Platform Provider, Chief Revenue Officer

“We have an innovative Medical Office Software and Services Platform that is growing in popularity with large physician enterprises. We brought in Get-to-Market to refine our Enterprise strategy to broaden our business opportunities.”

Innovative Medical Device Company, Chief Strategy Officer

“We offer an AI-enabled Imaging System and first engaged Get-to-Market Health to establish our US commercial framework. Based on a very successful US launch, we are now leveraging their international experience to lay the foundation for our global business.”



A true industry veteran, Steve has spent his entire professional career in healthcare technology leading global sales organizations at Microsoft, Siemens Medical, Caradigm and Shared Medical Systems (SMS).

Steve is a passionate leader and advocate for building Commercial DNA™ within an organization as a method to improve strategy, talent and performance. Steve formalized this approach at Microsoft, where after being named General Manager of the US Health and Life Sciences division he led the team, which was ranked as Microsoft’s lowest performing subsidiary to its top performer in less than three years.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Shippensburg University.  Steve serves as a member of the Board of Trustees for Penn Presbyterian Medical Center and was previously Chairman and Board member of the United Way of Chester County. Steve and his wife Aimee are the proud parents of two daughters and grandparents to five grandchildren in whom they have instilled a love of the beach, boating and the Philadelphia Eagles.



With a track record of success in enterprise sales, business alliances, sales operations, and business development, Mary Prosser (“MP”) Brock Zimmerman has spent her career in healthcare technology.

MP brings commercial experience from Caradigm, Microsoft, GE Healthcare, Siemens Medical, and Shared Medical. Her strength lies in facilitating team collaboration amongst diverse thoughts and opinions to cultivate and operationalize the best ideas to achieve business goals. MP was instrumental in the Caradigm company operational stand-up and led Microsoft’s sales integration efforts during the Sentillion acquisition.

MP holds a Bachelors of Business Administration from Mississippi State University. She and her husband, Jon, live in Atlanta while MP continues to enjoy her long standing role as a Board Member for Special Love for Children with Cancer in the metro DC area.

Our Network

Get To Know Our Network

One of the unique advantages clients receive though working with GTMH is access to our network of senior healthcare leaders, which includes C-level hospital executives and leading subject matter experts in various areas of healthcare IT.

Whether it’s to provide an opinion, share insights or potentially play a role in a client engagement, GTMH is only one phone call away from a connection at health systems, health IT companies and specialty resource organizations.

We vouch for the talent of all members of our network and take responsibility for their work through a transparent client engagement process.

Areas of focus leveraged by GTMH clients include:

• Lead generation strategies
• Clinical, business and IT experts for focus group testing of new offerings and markets
• Technical positioning
• Sales Force and CRM optimization
• EMR data analytics and management services
• International clinical and commercial subject matter experts
• Marketing, branding and graphic design
• Health IT legal advice
• Medical device and regulatory affairs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Get-to-Market Health founded?

Transformation in healthcare is creating enormous pressure on technology vendors to adapt and deliver clear value. Get-to-Market Health was formed to address this challenge and optimize healthcare technology sales. Whether a company has taken on a new round of investment and needs to accelerate their top line growth or is bringing new solutions to market, precision is required to achieve long term success in selling into the healthcare marketplace. The GTMH team has focused our careers on helping healthcare technology companies market, sell and create sustainable, long-term relationships with their customers.

What are Get-to-Market Health’s core areas of expertise?

Collectively, the Get-to-Market team has decades of experience building successful commercial relationships with healthcare providers and suppliers. We are exclusively focused on commercializing healthcare technology and delivering proven strategies and tactics that drive growth in this highly specialized market.

What services does Get-to-Market Health offer?

Get-to-Market Health’s mission is to fast-track the development of the Commercial DNA™ your company needs to be successful. What differentiates Get-to-Market Health is our unique ability to operationalize a company’s strategic vision and enable them to get to market quickly, maximize opportunities and outpace competitors. GTMH delivers customized assessments, recommendations and solutions for:

  • Value Proposition Clarity
  • Key Market and Prospect Targeting
  • Selling Motion Improvement
  • Sales Talent Assessment and Development
  • ROI Messaging and Tactics
  • Partner Channel Expansion
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Commercial Organizational Design
  • Inside Sales
  • Rhythm of the Business Development
  • Product Launch and Rollout
  • Pricing and Packaging Strategies and Tactics
  • Commercial Metrics
  • Sales Compensation Enhancement
  • Sales Process Refinement
  • Integration of Sales Teams Post-Acquisition
  • International Expansion Expertise
How can Get-to-Market Health help my company get its Product/Service/Solution an audience in the C-Suite?

Securing buy-in for healthcare technology comes with a unique set of challenges. The support of a C-Suite leader is critical, as creative methods for funding the initiative within the provider’s existing budget may be necessary. Get-to-Market Health’s knowledge and experience navigating the C-Suite and funding processes allow us to provide our clients with the specific actions and messaging needed to successfully target the right leaders in the most efficient and compelling way possible.

What do you mean by Commercial DNA™?

Commercial DNA™ is the expertise required to be successful in the healthcare technology market. A great vision and innovative technology are both critical – but these alone do not guarantee success. If a company offers a unique product but is selling to the wrong market segment or has a misaligned pricing model, success will be elusive. Insufficient market coverage that restricts channel expansion or sales teams that lack clear messaging will also limit a company’s ability to generate interest in their product. GTMH believes that an organization’s ability to be successful in these areas is tied directly to the strength of their Commercial DNA™. We possess the experience and expertise to help our clients quickly develop and grow these essential skills.

Where did the Get-to-Market Health team get their commercial experience?

Get-to-Market Health executives have held commercial leadership positions at Microsoft Health, GE Healthcare, Siemens Medical, Caradigm, Shared Medical Systems and Healthcare Data Exchange. We have developed additional expertise supporting dozens of health technology clients optimize their sales investments.

Does Get-to-Market Health provide interim Chief Revenue Officer services?

Get-to-Market Health’s mission is to fast-track development of the commercial skills a business needs to ensure their long-term success. We specialize in short and medium-term engagements with our clients that get them better prepared for growth. Clients have utilized our advisory services to provide the right structure and process for new hires as well as providing ongoing coaching for commercial leadership.

As a healthcare technology investor, how would I work with Get-to-Market Health?

There are two primary ways Get-to-Market Health works with the investor community. The first is during the due diligence phase, where, at the investor’s request, GTHM will help evaluate potential investments from a commercial perspective. Areas of assessment may include strength of pipeline, brand awareness, selling motion, sales talent, competitive positioning and overall market reception. Secondly, we focus on commercial activation and improvement for your investment opportunities. This enables investors to maximize returns and quickly grow the businesses. GTMH will provide clear and detailed recommendations, which leverage a company’s existing strategy/tactics as well as work with key stakeholders on the aspects of commercial activation and improvement.

As a CEO, Sales and/or Marketing leader in a healthcare technology company, how would I work with Get-to-Market Health?

Companies that have a clear, long term strategic vision for their business can still find it challenging to keep up with the current pace and evolution of the healthcare market. In situations where a company has a “gap” between vision and execution, Get-to-Market Health can help by delivering extremely targeted support based on your company’s needs. GTMH provides accelerated sales and marketing programs that will help quickly capitalize on opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

If I already have a commercial plan but would like an outside point-of-view, can I still utilize the services of Get-to-Market Health?

For multiple clients we have served a valuable role by consulting at the final review stage of commercial planning. Our experience allows us to suggest minor refinements to your plan that result in significant improvements in outcomes.

We are in the process of making an acquisition to continue our growth and want to ensure we get the most of our now larger sales organization. How can GTMH assist with sales force integration?

In companies large and small, GTMH has helped drive and guide the process of assessing talent, understanding best practices and finding the best way to combine skills and capabilities.

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