In our day-to-day work at Get-to-Market Health, we work with business leaders to simplify the complexity and unique buying patterns of the healthcare technology market. We help our clients overcome the challenges they face as they work to drive revenue and market innovation. Our clients view Get-to-Market Health as deeply connected and experienced in managing the commercial levers required to grow their businesses.

Several of our larger engagements included a review of the clients’ go-to-market efforts. As an output of this ancillary project, we provided a streamlined assessment of commercial activities and delivered concise recommendations for improvement. Given the strong client reception to this targeted feedback, we are now pleased to announce a separately packaged “Commercial Health Check” offering.

For a fixed price, we will perform a seven-point checkup on your Commercial initiatives. The Health Check can be based on your current business, a net new offering you are evaluating, or a new geographic market you plan to enter. The project/engagement/process will take less than six weeks and will include a written assessment, scoring in each area, and key recommendations to improve your:

Get-to-Market Health recently performed a Health Check for a company after their receipt of FDA approval for an innovative new medical device. Our recommendations laid the foundation for a strong product launch. The company’s Chief Strategy Officer had this comment about the project:

“Within just a week of receiving FDA approval, the Get-to-Market Health team was engaged, executing a Commercial Health Check with remarkable speed and efficiency. Their comprehensive analysis and strategic recommendations were pivotal in our market targeting, setting initial prices, and the recruitment of sales representatives and key leadership positions. This expert guidance was instrumental in the smooth and successful launch of our groundbreaking medical device.”

Through the Commercial Health Check, we can deliver your health technology business a candid, unbiased, and experienced point-of-view on both areas of strength and improvement. Please reach out if you have any questions about this exciting offer.


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