I spent a few great days at the HIMSS conference last week and posted some videos from the show floor. If you are interested, head over to LinkedIn and check them out!  It was my first time back in a few years so it was fun to reconnect with colleagues and friends and also to get a fresh perspective on where we are in Healthcare IT and reflect on several of the key topics front and center at the show. The videos talked to interoperability, the rise of the big cloud platform providers in health, the death of the “on prem” conversation and the accelerating pace of innovation in the domains of AI & Machine Learning.

In addition to those exciting innovations and exceptional technologies, the importance of companies having their get to market strategy right really made an impact on my HIMSS experience.  I’ve posted a short post-HIMSS video that talks about these topics and I would love it if you took just a couple of minutes to review it and share your thoughts and feedback.



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